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Indoor soccer, also known as futsal, is a fast-paced and exciting version of the beautiful game. To excel in this indoor arena, you need a soccer ball that is designed to perform flawlessly on hard, smooth surfaces. The following list of the top 5 indoor soccer balls has been curated to meet the demands of this dynamic sport.

What is an Indoor Soccer Ball?

An indoor soccer ball, often referred to as a futsal ball, is a specialized soccer ball designed for use on indoor courts. Unlike outdoor soccer balls, indoor soccer balls are typically smaller, have less bounce, and are designed for improved control and durability on hard surfaces.

Outdoor Soccer ball vs Indoor Soccer Ball: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

Outdoor soccer balls and indoor soccer balls may appear similar at first glance, but they are designed to perform optimally in different environments. Understanding the key differences between these two types of soccer balls can help you choose the right one for your game. Here’s a breakdown of the main distinctions:

1. Surface Compatibility:

2. Size and Weight:

3. Material and Durability:

4. Bounce and Rebound:

5. Performance Characteristics:

Top 5 Best Indoor Soccer Balls

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1. Nike Premier Team Futsal Ball

Indoor Soccer Ball

2. Adidas Tango Sala Futsal Ball

Indoor Soccer Ball

3. Puma FUTURE Flare Mini Ball

Indoor Soccer Ball

4. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Indoor Soccer Ball

5. Select Futsal Magico Soccer Ball

Indoor Soccer Ball


Selecting the right indoor soccer ball can significantly impact your performance and enjoyment of the game. The top 5 indoor soccer balls listed above are chosen for their quality, durability, and ability to provide precise control on indoor surfaces. Whether you’re practicing your skills or competing in a futsal league, these balls are sure to meet your needs.


For exceptional control, durability, and performance on indoor courts, we recommend the Nike Premier Team Futsal Ball. Its textured surface and low-bounce bladder make it an ideal choice for futsal enthusiasts of all levels.


Q1: What is the difference between an indoor soccer ball and an outdoor soccer ball?

A1: Indoor soccer balls are designed for hard, smooth surfaces and typically have a smaller size and reduced bounce compared to outdoor soccer balls. They prioritize control and durability on indoor courts.

Q2: Can I use an indoor soccer ball for outdoor play?

A2: While it’s possible to use an indoor soccer ball outdoors, it’s not recommended as they are not designed for rough outdoor surfaces. Outdoor soccer balls are better suited for grass or turf fields.

Q3: How do I choose the right size of indoor soccer ball?

A3: Indoor soccer balls come in various sizes, typically labeled as size 3, 4, or 5. Size 3 is suitable for younger players, size 4 is the standard for most indoor soccer games, and size 5 is often used for official matches in some leagues. Choose the size that best fits your age group and playing preferences.

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